Technical Spec


15″ db Tech Opera tops (x2)

10″ db Tech FMX 10 monitors (x2)

db Tech Sub 615 15″ (x1)

Behringer x32 Producer digital desk (x1)

Behringer P2 IEM barrels (x3) – Please supply your own IEM buds. 

db B-Hype 8″ (x2) – Balcony fills.



SM58 beta (x1)
SM58 (x1)
SM58 with switch (x2)
SM57 (x1)
AKG D5 (x1)
AKG D112 (x1)
Sennhesier e609 (x1)
Sennhesier e604 (x1)
Sennheiser e835 (x1)
Behringer C-2 pencil condenser (x1)


DI boxes:

Behringer DI8000 Ultra-DI (8 channel racked mounted DI) (x1)
Behringer Ultra DI20 – Stereo DI (x1)


Stage dimensions:

x6 modular pieces of stage. 2m x 1m

Stage is 3 meters wide and 2 meters deep.



Fender Rumble 100 bass amp (x1)

House Drum Kit:     >Re-skinned, March 2024<

Mapex 3 piece (Kick, Floor + Rack Tom) “Tornado” red drum kit, with RENO skins.

4x Cymbal stands & Hit Hat stand.

Snare, also skinned March 24′.