Perennial (USA) + support

Saturday 7th December 2024

TICKETS £8 / £10 on the door ♦ doors 7.30pm

Simon has been set free and given the keys to the bank, the club and the beer cellar for the evening.

What could possibly go wrong?

Perennial are everything that should be bold and electric, instantly memorable and insistently chic. They are something sharp and stylish. Most of their songs are sub 2 minute bangers of yelps and frantic energy.

There are two versions of Perennial: the adventurous art-punk modernists, layering British Invasion pop, 60s soul, 90s Dischord post-hardcore, electronic music, and free-jazz, and the live three-piece whose bombastic 20 minute sets have become a “must-see” in the New England music scene.

Doors 7.30pm
8pm – tbc
8.45 – tbc
9.30pm – Perennial