The Pump announce partnership Spring/Summer cleaning days!!

The Pump are delighted to announce that we have partnered with The Princes Trust and their Inner Flame project in Trowbridge to give 7 of their current crop of advocates, work experience and opportunities in their local community.

They have offered to fund raise and donate their time and energy to their end-of-project goal, which will take the shape of assisting a much needed make over and deep clean of our live music performance venue!

We intend to take out all the old furniture and give it a thoroughly good clean, whilst fixing any breaks and knocks. Hoover all the nooks and crannies, damp seal some stone work, prime and paint some walls, update the foyer, back wall weeding and re-pointing, gutter clearing, fire escape clearing and making safe again, updating of signage, light bulbs and chalk boards, cleaning of windows, erection of a projector screen, installation of a new stage and a new PA, and a whole lot more besides.

Those wishing to assist can e-mail , you’d be more than welcome.

The cleaning days are scheduled to occur on Monday 30th May until Wednesday 1st June. Starting at approximately 10am each day and finishing at 3pm.

For 3 days we intend to completely update the space and make it feel more welcoming than ever before!


A grand -reopening event will be hosted in due course, where we will invite back all our old patrons & special guests to see the space. This *should* coincide with an update on our lease situation too, meaning we can celebrate the future of The Pump, and its role within our community.

Inner Flame will be doing their own end-of-project presentation evening on Wednesday 20th July to celebrate the end of their project.


**UPDATE** Sunday 5th June.

Inner Flame have now completed their work, and the venue is looking in great shape again. There is still work to do, as we’re also looking at updating the Green Room too.

We do have more opportunities for people to be involved, drop us an e-mail and we’ll keep you up to date.