National Lottery United By Music tour!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that The Pump has been approached by the Music Venue Trust to be supported for some of our Grass Roots music shows.

The National Lottery sponsored “United By Music” tour has rolled out across the country since May 2023, and The Pump has been highlighted for its hard work and dedication to original live music, to be awarded a small grant to continue running it’s roots live music gigs.

You can find out more about  the tour here; .

The original roots acts performing for The Pump will be the Hayden Lloyd band, whose nod to Jimmy Hendrix cannot be ignored! Supported by a pair of new hometown songwriters, Ella Clayton – who recently played a breathtaking busk-slot at Trowbridge Festival and young teen Liv Thorndale. Singer Liv will be accompanied by Ella, who will play guitar.

All three of these acts will be performing at part of the Future Sound Of Trowbridge scheme, where The Pump is highlighting the talent within our community!

The way that the United By Music scheme works is that every ticket holder gets to bring a +1 guest for free, to their chosen event. This is a great way to make music more accessible, possibly bringing live music to those who woudn’t necessarily seek it out or just a cheap way of getting friends together.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to come and be part of the vibrant community we have growing in Trowbridge, the choice is yours – With so much on offer you cannot go wrong!

Viva La Trowbridge!

Saturday 9th September
7.30pm  Doors
8pm – Liv Thorndale
8.30pm – Ella Clayton
9.15pm – Hayden Lloyd

TICKETS; WeGotTickts